Friday, March 2, 2012

Billions in transfers for FIFA in 2011

FIFA processes $3B in player transfers in 2011

GENEVA (AP) -- FIFA processed international transfer deals worth $3 billion (?2.25 billion) in 2011, and said Thursday it will share payment details with UEFA to help monitor European financial fair play rules.

FIFA allowed 11,500 players to make cross-border moves in the first calendar year operating its Transfer Matching System, which aims to curb money laundering and corrupt deals.

The mandatory online project requires buying and selling clubs to input matching information, including payment schedules, before a transfer is approved. ...

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Kicking Back Comments: There was one part of the article that was funny to me. It had to deal with FIFA saying they wanted to cut an agents fee from an average of 16% to 3%.

Why would they want to do that? An agent actually provides some value to the transaction, and the individual player can no doubt negotiate this fee themselves. Could it be FIFA wants more of the pie?

Again, with such a trust deficit that FIFA is running, it is hard to believe that it would be for anything except their own benefit.

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