Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Nitwit to the North

Raising the bar for MLS referees

Admission of the problem is the first step to a cure. In the glass half full world of Major League Soccer, there are never really problems - only initiatives.

MLS, however, has a problem which needs fixing. Like anything worthwhile, it cannot be done overnight but the League wants it known a serious initiative is being launched to tackle the situation.

At the dawn of a brand new season, there's a new franchise in Montreal, a new stadium in Houston and a new broadcast partner across the United States. MLS continues to toot its horn on a range of issues from improved standard of play to the growing visibility of the sport in North America. ...

See the whole page of drivel here, from cbc.ca.

Kicking Back Comments: So I read this article, and you know what I got out of it?

A headache.

I'm not sure what is was. Either the snotty tone Reed takes mocking MLS for its "initiates," or "complimenting" the league for recognizing it has a "problem" (which Reed does not define), or his clear inexperience understanding what he is commenting about.

It would have been great to detail Mr. Walton's appointment and maybe do some research about what prompted it from the PRO or MLS perspective. How about some thoughts, some specific thoughts about what needs to be adjusted, and in some cases just plain 'ole fixed in the refereeing ranks.

[I'll give you a hint Mr. Reed ... consider making the referees salaried professionals ... and pay them.]

Nope. Just a fluffy piece back-handly mocking the work that has gone into where we are now with MLS, and asking the self serving question ... Gee will it be fixed now?

Who wants to bet this will be followed sometime mid-MLS season with a "Well I guess it's not working ..." piece?

I've read some of his other stuff and it's pretty good I think. I just don't understand why the wheels come off the journalistic cart when discussing referees.

Then again, in looking at his experience, he has watched a lot of The Game, and to nearly all, that qualifies them to understand the nuances of professional league refereeing, and comment openly about their "problems."

Reed gives us an "out" however in his closing statement that referees don't make the rules, they just enforce them.

If the comment in isolation does not scream "nitwit" (to The Game), I don't know what does. 

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