Saturday, August 24, 2013

Up, Up, and Crap ... More Up

Well the time has come of one of my last events of the year, the first, and hopefully annual, White Mountain Gran Fondo.

Here is the really gross profile of the ride:

It is certainly one that does not favor me at all as I am way more at home on a flat, or in a sprint. In plain english, I am just too big to be effective in the hills.

That said, I will at least make a good show of it and throw myself against the hills and see what comes of it while riding for my team.

While I can't take claim to why I'm doing this with "... because it's there ..." as George Mallory famously did when he was asked why he was climbing Everest, I can say that I am significantly inspired to continue to progress without regard to where I am chronologically in my life.

As you may have guessed, this is a prelude into a bigger topic, as just today I received an EMail from US Soccer regarding what I would consider, significant changes with a serious impact to future referees.

Does this make it too easy to be, and stay, a youth referee, forever?

Is this good?

It makes me wonder ... and wonder I will as I slug it out in the mountains of NH Saturday.

I'll be "off line" until early next week ... but as JAFO has shown recently ... there is no shortage of controversy to discuss. Don't be surprised on an appearance, or just enjoy the archives on the right.

We'll be back at it Monday for certain.

Thanks for reading!

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