Sunday, September 22, 2013

'Communism United,' their colors will be pink and rainbow ...

Future News: MLS to put antagonistic expansion team in ‘city that hates soccer the most’

Following speculation that MLS is interested in expanding into the southeast United States, the league has announced plans to put a new club in "the city that hates soccer the most." Though the exact location of this new team has yet to be determined, the declaration is sure to court controversy. But the league sees it as an aggressive way to push its development and expansions in new territories.

"The league has grown leaps and bounds in a relatively short period," said MLS commissioner Don Garber. "We have a team in just about every major soccer friendly city in the country, so now it's time to go after some areas where the game isn't as popular. And to make something of a statement, we've decided to locate the U.S. city that hates soccer the most — probably somewhere in Alabama — and put a team there to let everyone know that our league is here and this sport isn't going anywhere." ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

Kicking Back Comments: Should have saved this one for April Fools Commish ... it was some funny stuff.

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