Saturday, September 21, 2013

FIFA Actually Fears someone?

FIFA face IOC backlash over 2022 World Cup

The International Olympic Committee plan to hold discussions with FIFA in order to make sure the 2022 World Cup Finals in Qatar does not clash with the Winter Olympic Games that year.

On Thursday, UEFA's 54 member associations gave their backing to hold the 2022 Finals during the winter as to avoid the extreme heat of the State's summer. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of ESPN.

Kicking Back Comments: Even with UEFA backing a winter World Cup, I still think FIFA is in some deep crap here. Sine there is significant commingling of IOC executives on the FIFA EXCOM, it seems clear FIFA wants to steer clear of interfering with the 2022 winter olympics.

So if it does get moved ... it looks like Christmas time.

Boy I hope Fox pulls out. NFL v. World Cup .... it's not even going to be close.

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