Monday, May 31, 2010

West Virginia ... or Bust

Well ... it's that time again.

Where players are finishing up their spring seasons and getting ready to compete in State Cup tournament action to see if they will be representing their states, and maybe their regions.

Referees are tuning up from the winter off, or optimally, from a winter indoor season and themselves are getting ready to compete for the same coveted spots as the teams.

Referee assessors, if they are worth their salt, are indeed doing the same. Readying their understanding of the particular tournaments and refreshing themselves about the laws of the game all in the knowledge that they will have the opportunity to mold some (probably) younger referees in the short days ahead.

This series of posts will deal with the lead up to, and details of, the 2010 US Youth Soccer Region I Championships. (Look here for the official website and here for Region I tournament information.)

My goal is to get more behind the scenes that would be typical, in a way that will protect the anonymity of the folks that I will be interacting with ... if they so choose, and give some insight along the way that some may find helpful. Others I anticipate will not, and that is okay too as sometimes learning what *not* to do from others is a valuable lesson.

So hang on, and lets see what develops.