Friday, July 30, 2010

World Cup Final Analysis - Part Deux

Earlier in July the Massachusetts State Referee Committee provided match analysis of the World Cup Final written from two perspectives; One from a coach, one from a referee.

To summarize these analysis, each was edited to fit to approximately 700 words. However the full blown analysis was more in depth in both cases. Each is provided below for your reading enjoyment.
Special thanks to Glenn Buckley for authoring the coaches analysis, and Mike Singleton and Tom Goodman for their support from Mass Youth.

Special thanks also to Andy Weiss from the MSRC for hatching this one and making it happen.

World Cup Final 2010 Executive Analysis can be seen here, courtesy of Massref.

Full analysis from Glenn Buckley, Mass Youth Development Coach, is here, courtesy of Mass Youth.

Full analysis from Peter Kokolski, National Referee Emeritus, is here, courtesy of Kicking Back.

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