Friday, August 6, 2010

Brains ... and Body

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The other day we briefly discussed the topic of referee performance regarding what ones brain can handle, today we look briefly at the body.

There is symbiosis in refereeing where the mind and the body must be in concert to be at peak performance. Note that this "peak" can change from level to level. Clearly one will not need the fitness and training of a World Cup referee to perform optimally at a typical youth match.

That said, fitness is required for every level match, from the in-town small sided matches all the way up. There is no exception to that. One must be fit to referee, and I would opine that that fitness should be obtained before the referee enters the pitch to do the match. Game situations are not the place to improve fitness. Tactical awareness (i.e. match experience) is a different story, there is no other way to get experience except with, experience. Fitness however is different.

That said, below is an article from FIFA that details some of the plight of the referee and fitness intersecting. An interesting, quick read. Again for the record, I am not a doctor, but if you want a medical opinion go here (this one is for you Elie).

Protecting the ref

Refereeing is highly demanding, both physically and mentally, and injury prevention is as important for referees as it is for players. A referee needs to be as fit as, if not fitter than, the players, since he or she may be up to 20 years older, is rarely a full-time professional and cannot be substituted during the match. On top of the physical stress, there is also the mental strain of being in control of the match for 90 minutes under the ever watchful eye of both the bench and the public.

With this in mind, the FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Centre (F-MARC) has taken a close look at referee injuries and complaints. Its most recent study - Injuries of amateur football referees: a representative survey of Swiss referees officiating at all levels of play - focused on the extent and type of injuries sustained by referees at all national levels. ...

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