Sunday, August 1, 2010

Et tu, Brute?

Earlier in the week I opined about what Tony Hawyard and referees have in common ... which is they basically both get blamed for things that are nearly completely out of their control. Well in a very similar vein, and very relevant to our discussions here, are how players are treated at times for things that are completely out of their control.

Take a look at the story below from Justin McCurry of the Guardian, describing the excoriation the North Korea team, and what they had to endure after coming home from the World Cup. My statement in a vacuum is not political in nature, but the reality is that politics of that region, or regime, plays a role no doubt in what happened in how poorly these players were treated after the fact.

It also makes be briefly reflect on Capello and his index, and if there would have been the same amount of "outrage" if the UK had fared better.

So while referees are certainly a favorite target of unjustified outrage, we certainly do not stand alone as the North Korea team has joined us apparently, for the time being.

North Korea's failed World Cup footballers undergo public mauling

Footballers subjected to six-hour excoriation on stage for 'betraying' North Korea and Kim Jong-il's son and heir
England's failed footballers should count themselves lucky that their ignominious World Cup exit was met with little more than a public mauling by the media.
Their counterparts from North Korea, who lost all three of their group games, have been subjected to a six-hour excoriation for "betraying" the communist nation's ideological struggle, according to reports.
There are even fears for the safety of the team coach, Kim Jung-hun, who was accused of betraying the son and heir of the regime's "dear leader," Kim Jong-il.
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