Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week In Review - Week 20: A MUST READ

Kicking Back Comments:
For those who are not familiar with the "Week In Review" from US Soccer you should make it a regular read on a weekly basis. This week was particularly insightful as it talks about the "puzzle" that needs to be put together regarding Persistent Infringement (PI). Take the ten minutes and read it ... an excellent read.

Week In Review 2010 
Week 20 – Ending August 15, 2010 
The ability of a referee to feel the game and piece together the various scenarios in a game (much like building a puzzle) has been reviewed in multiple “Week In Reviews” during the past two and a half seasons. This feel and the ability to piece together the big picture is one of the vital aspects of being a top-class referee. This version of the “Week In Review” will examine four clips requiring both feel and an understanding of the big picture to successfully navigate each scenario and make the optimum decision (guided by the Laws of the Game).

Full post here, courtesy of US Soccer.

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