Thursday, September 9, 2010

Corruption week continues

I think MLS Rumors is turning into one of my favorite sites for some local flavor and fun stories. While not corruption per se, it somewhat seemed to fit. I caught this one the other day, how a faction of Seattle fans are upset about officiating in the league and are planning a protest on Thursday to demonstrate their displeasure.

Apparently this group runs a blog called the 12th Minute blog and has done a podcast to talk about how just how bad the officiating is in MLS. I could only get through the first few minutes, but will listen to the whole thing, I promise. Audio can be found on MLS Rumors and on the 12th Minute blog itself.

I have formed an opinion. I leave it to each of you to form your own.

THE quote however came form a comment to the story which stated:

Sounders FC Says:
Posted on September 7, 2010 at 2:58 pm

I love all these people saying something needs to be done. What do you think they can do ?? Do you think there are better quality referees who are sitting at home waiting to get the call or do you think we are going to somehow persuade the better referees from around the world to come and referee in MLS ? Despite all the training in the world there is always going to be an element of mistakes in soccer refereeing – it’s actually part of the charm of the game (although I agree it’s very annoying when it goes against you). There really isn’t much they can do in the short term. You could all help by not yelling obscenities at the 14 year old kid refereeing your childs rec game at the weekend as he/she may grow up to be part of the solution if you don’t put them off

Pure genius, and one who is clearly thinking beyond MLS to understand what it will take to get referees advanced in this country.

Well played Sounders FC, well played!

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