Friday, September 24, 2010

The Insanity Continues

From the other day I shared a story about a former FIFA referee who was arrested attempting to smuggle 6kg of heroin through a US airport.

I also commented how some became unhinged about associating acts (8) years ago, with an act in 2010. As another example of just how wild the imagination of some of these folks are, read the following about "the worst refereeing decisions".

Funny thing is ... I did not count any attributed to a referee. Many of these were from bad acts from players. Read on, it is a sorry testament to just how far people will go to blame referees.

Byron Moreno & the top 10 worst refereeing decisions in World Cup history
Official has been detained for drug smuggling in the USA

The disgraced former Fifa referee Byron Moreno was jailed this week for attempting to smuggle six kilos of heroin into the United States. The Ecuadorian is infamous in Italy as a result of his barely credible officiating during the South Korea - Italy last 16 match at the 2002 World Cup. remembers that game and looks back at some more shocking calls from the history of the showpiece event ...

Full fantasy fictional piece editorial, continues here courtesy of

... and after viewing the video of the incident here, I don't completely disagree with the send off to Totti (at the end of the video ... even one of the offsides is razor close). He sure fell awfully easy with such little contact. I don't know ... not so far fetched to me. In fact may have been real courage to send him off after a second caution. Gee, I wonder what the first one was for? Well, here is the report. Looks like he was booked in the 22'. Was that a good caution? Clearly if Totti did not have that, there would be no send off. Whose fault is this really? The referee? Totti?

Why did Moreno choose to send of Totti, but Webb did not choose to send off DeJong?

The other comment I see over and over speaks of "Italy's revenge" on Moerno ... this one is a "ponte vecchio" too far for my taste. One of the best parts is Ty Keough's "analysis" of the situation. For a guy who has some pedigree and at one time skill in the game, boy does he get this one wrong.

But like I said the other day ... We report, You decide.

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