Saturday, September 11, 2010

Opening Day in Wrentham

With corruption week over, I am happy to move on to another topic. Today is an exciting day in our small town, fall opening day for the youth teams. It is a time to exercise my "cat herding" skills as assistant coach, but also serves as a great reminder about where the future of the game comes from.

Youth players and youth referees are not that far away from being the finished products we watch at the famous venues around the country, and the world in the big tournaments. Players and referees alike.

If you are out today watching a match, take a second and cheer an opposing player for a well played ball, or thank a youth referee for the job they did regardless of the result. It can make a difference in their career ... a big one. After all, you may be looking at the next US National team player, or FIFA Referee.

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