Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bush did it

Politics aside, I caught this article from The Telegraph where FIFA gives yet another reason why England may not get the 2018 World Cup.

This time ... Wimbledon.

FIFA has stated in their report that:
It is a Fifa requirement that no other major sporting event is hosted in a host city during the event period and the fact that the Wimbledon tennis championships take place in London during late June/early July could have an impact on the public attention given to the Fifa World Cup.
FIFA seems to be trotting every excuse in the book to have some grounds to tell England "no", or at least give the remaining EXCOMM members enough pause to do so. As I wrote the other day, I do not think England will get the 2018 nod, but unfortunately this would be for all the wrong reasons as they are as good a host as any to do so. I would opine one of, if not, the best next to the US, who still to me inexplicably exited early.

Overall however England got a good report. Some would say better than others in the running for 2018.

We will see however, the clock is ticking, and things still do not look great for England as the BBC continues to ready itself to air its FIFA corruption documentary.

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