Friday, November 5, 2010

Has England Lost the 2018 Bid?

See this article from stating that the UK bid team is starting to place some blame on the UK media that unearthed the corruption for votes scandal that rocked FIFA last month.

I have to be honest though, "unearthed", and "rocked" are really not the right adjectives as this was going on in plain sight, and by all accounts had for some time.

What is interesting though is the UK bid team, I would opine, starting to sense trouble and looking to place the blame on someone, anyone else ... but the bid team.

From the article:
One senior bid source said today: "It is a fact that England's chances have been damaged among Fifa executive committee members. If the Panorama is broadcast that will damage our chances further."
Trouble for the country that was seen to be a lock for the 2018 World Cup.

Why did the US get out so soon?

The US Bid team may have blown it big time by getting out so quick when the water started getting a little warm. While it seemed clear from the article that the US was not involved in what was being reported regarding the corruption, why didn't we wait just a little bit and see what happened? After all, how much $$ was US Soccer really spending to keep the 2018 bid alive that would be used for 2022? Were we told to "get out?"

What happens if FIFA goes Russia in 2018 ... who is to stop them from going to the UK in 2022? It would seem unlikely that FIFA would go UK in 2018 and US in 2022.

Stay tuned, the UK bid team may not be the only one with egg on its face in the coming weeks.

In a laugh out loud moment, Mohamed Bin Hammam both proclaimed his innocence, and stated that "... setting traps are unethical ..." on his blog located here.

I'll tell you something though, looking at the blog and his website, I want to be a FIFA EXCOM member too. For a more home-town look, Chuck Blazers (US FIA EXCOM member) blog is here.

Wow ... and I though college games paid well.

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