Friday, November 12, 2010

More bad news for the UK ... but it's Becks and friends to the rescue

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Harry Harris reports for ESPN, on how bad things are now looking for the UK's 2018 bid.

From the article:
But it hasn't been appreciated just how bad that might be until one senior FA figure confessed: "The word from within the FIFA executive is that England might very well have blown it completely."
Even more dire is this:
"If you know the way FIFA's mind works then it looks like we haven't got a prayer. Talk about our bid being harmed, well, that is the least that has happened. There has been a huge backlash and the word inside FIFA is that they won't be voting for England.
Sounds like trouble. So in response to this the UK has summoned the services of "the blonde knight", a.k.a. David Beckham. Posing as a mere mortal, Becks will be turning in his cape for a private jet for this trip:
ESPNsoccernet has been informed that Beckham will take on a gruelling round the world itinerary to appear in person in Switzerland, first flying from LA to Australia for a one-match post-season tour with the Galaxy before flying back to London for one day to meet up with the FA delegation, and then onto Zurich.
It does sound like the full court press as:
The 2018 bid committee told ESPNsoccernet that they are unable to announce the full delegation team for the crucial final presentation on December 2, but an insider said: "Yes, I can confirm that David Beckham will be in Zurich, and the FA are calling up all the big guns, such as the Prime Minister, and Prince William is also expected to be there."
Is all hope lost?

Will the UK lose the 2018 and 2022 bids?

What will the US be doing to take advantage of this gaffe?

Tune in next time to find out, as the FA Superheros wade into the FIFA swamp of corruption.

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