Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank You

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On this Thanksgiving Day Holiday (in the US) I wanted to take just a minute to give thanks to you all for the continued support of Kicking Back.

I remain overwhelmed by the response and continued support we receive in our day to day musings about things soccer.

As I sit here today I don't see much of that changing as we continue to make plans for future installments and expanding content of the blog.

For me I will be spending some time to reflect and truly give thanks to so many who make my go round in this life the fun that it is.

For anyone looking to get involved in a match this weekend, here is a state by state listing of some of the tournaments going on this holiday weekend. I for one, will be out on Saturday inspecting a match and likely still quietly digesting.

Best wishes on this day of thanks, and our sincere gratitude to you all for making Kicking Back what it is becoming.

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