Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cool ... But a reality?

As I have stated here before, I am part geek. In fact I may actually be mostly geek. To that end I have been poking around waiting for the designs for the Qatar stadia and how they are going to be "carbon neutral", "eco friendly", and "able to be dismantled and transported for use in poorer countries."

Well, I just ran across one such article here from Inhabitat. An example is shown below.

Photo courtesy of

It is pretty cool stuff, and worth a look, if for no other reason, to see what is cooking with some of the architectural ideas in the future of stadium design.


  1. I noted the poster of the Inhabit story, Evelyn Lee, in her bio states, "Evelyn enjoys running, playing the piano, driving her Prius, and coaching/playing soccer."

    Perhaps that gives her and even better insight in discussing these futurist innovative designs for soccer venues.

    CW Rice

  2. I would agree it does. Too many reporters don't have context to align their stories in my opinion. While seemingly "just architectural", having a basis can make a big difference.