Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Say You?

With regard to the taking of the penalty kick (not the horrible dive) in the clip below, which is the correct answer?

Use the poll at right to vote. Answer 01-FEB-2011.

A. Caution Purple #5
B. Caution Purple #11
C. Caution Orange GK (#21)
D. A and B
E. A, B and C
F. None of the above

Special thanks to C.W. Rice for pointing us to the clip.


  1. My answer is:

    B. Caution Purple #11

    I suppose one may caution purple #5 for fainting that was outside of the LOG, however, that would seem to be pushing the interpretation to make a point.

    I had another question though, if you don't mind. Because of the entry of #11 into the penalty area, after the whistle was blown, would the correct restart be a retaking of the penalty kick? Since the purple player entered the penalty area before the ball was put into play?


  2. B.

    The FIFA 2006 Questions and Answers explicitly covers this scenario.

    Disallow the goal, caution purple #11 for Unsporting Behavior, and award an indirect free kick to the defense at the location #11 entered the penalty area.

  3. Alex and Anon,

    Thanks for the question and answer. I am going to refrain from my answer until the 1st ... and I will give my opinion in full.


  4. Caution #5 for unsporting behavior.
    Rekick because ball wasn't put in play properly. Wrong player took penalty kick.

  5. This is good stuff, Peter. I'd like to see more posts like this to test referees' knowledge of the LOTG. This also highlights the importance of identifying who will take the PK beforehand. It makes it really easy to call it back when you've specifically asked them.

  6. Glad you like it! I agree with you regarding proper identification. Answer is written and is up for all tomorrow.