Sunday, February 20, 2011

Man and Machine

Any fellow geeks or just pop culture followers have likely been watching the Man v. Machine battle on Jeopardy! with the "Jeopardy! Challenge." This is really fascinating stuff on a bunch of levels for me.

A brief video is below for those interested.

Well that got me thinking ... Not that long ago I ran across the Robo Cup, where technology meets soccer. A video from IEEE (which I am also a member of) is below for those interetsed.

I continue to be blown away by the technology curve we are on, and what is yet to come. Of course rumors that Sepp Blatter is creating a cyber division of FIFA must be false.

Take a peek, its worth the time.


  1. We will all be in trouble if they make a robot wearing "USSF pin stripes", NISOA Checks or MLS Solids.

    Some might have read a while back, elsewhere that in Arab countries where ancient sport of camel racing is still a big sport, the original jockeys were small children, around 2005, because of abuse and injury concerns the children were replaced by 'robo' jockeys.

    It didn't take long for the robo jockeys to be outfitted with illegal equipment, to wit a small stun guns to shock the camel to a higher level of performance.

  2. Hmmmm ...
    Referees and stun guns ....

    Nah ... US Soccer would never go for it.