Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Outrage!

FIFA Executive Committee Member Lashes Out at World Cup Bidding Process

Outspoken FIFA executive committee member Chuck Blazer has lashed out at FIFA’s handling of the process last December that led to Qatar’s winning of its bid to host the 2022 World Cup, while at the same time praising the Gulf state’s successful bid campaign.

In an interview with World Soccer Magazine’s March edition quoted by World Football Insider, Blazer charged that the recommendations of FIFA’s five man inspection team “were ignored completely” and said that there was a lack of willingness in the executive committee to discuss deficiencies raised in their reports.

See the full story here, from the bleacher report.

Kicking Back Comments: Chuck, where were you when we needed you? While I'm sure you kept the hope alive for the US at least through the 1st round of voting, where was all this outrage when the pressure was on FIFA to delay the vote? Why wait until now to rail against the seemingly corrupt body you are a part of? Was it conscience as this interview hit too close to home with accusations about what payoffs were being made? Was it after receiving permission from FIFA as questions still swirl about how odd a result it is for Qatar to host 2022? Was it just because the USA was dismissed out of hand based on the inspection reports as you stated? Why Chuck? Why speak up now when it is plainly too late?

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