Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Show me the money!!

U.S. coach Bob Bradley underpaid compared to peers

How much money do you think U.S. national team coach Bob Bradley makes? How about U.S. women’s coach Pia Sundhage?

You might be surprised to find out. ...

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Kicking Back Comments: This is interesting to me, and thinking selfishly it certainly translates to the referees. Lets face it, refereeing is a great hobby, but is not a way to make a career. While we have 2 or 3 referees that are actually employed by MLS and make ~$50K/year, it's hardly a living wage for these folks who have young families. For the others, fees are on a match by match basis and based on availability.

Mr. Bradley's $850K is certainly well earned and allows him to focus on what he needs for player development. What about the referees? I would opine that $50K does not cut it to allow a referee to just worry about their responsibilities as a referee only.

Is it worth commissioning a small group of referees, make them employee's of MLS (or other referee company), and pay them a "higher than average" wage?

What do we think US Soccer would get if we found 6 referees, and pay them each $150K/year and all they did was train and referee? Understanding that this pool would not be enough to service all MLS games ... would we get some top class folks? After all this is about what Mr. Bradley makes today.

US Soccer is spending a fair amount of money to make sure we try to get a team into international play, and maybe a World Cup. Why not spend the money and work hard to increase US Soccer's chance to send a referee?

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