Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chuck slams FIFA ... again.

Fifa member Chuck Blazer slams World Cup organisation

A Fifa executive member has attacked the number of South American and African places for the 2014 World Cup.

Chuck Blazer, secretary-general of Concacaf, is angry North America, Central America and the Caribbean have not been given an extra spot in Brazil. ...

Full story continues here, courtesy of the BBC.

Kicking Back Comments: Where is the fury over the lack of referee's from the region in 2010? I have to say though, he does seem to want to mix it up a bit with his own ilk ... that is, at least in the press.


  1. Which one is Chuck?

  2. LOL ...

    I will say, as easy as it is to skewer Chuck, and sometimes he deserves it, he has done some incredible things for the US, and CONCACAF.

    BTW ... his parrots are Apollo and Venus. Not sure which one is pictured in the post.


  3. Thanks Peter. I agree. I was poking fun. I too wish that more pressure would be applied to get our better referees in more critical international games. Until that happens, the opinion will be our referees aren't good enough. Except for a handful over the last 30-40 years we don't have
    referees that can do an execllent job under intense international pressure. WHY? Because they can't get the experience in those games because they aren't doing them. Is this a catch 22 or do we need a very influencial person or "special interest" to push our referees thru the door (wall) to get them the "opportunity" to become another David, Vinnie, Esse or ?

  4. Anon,

    You are spot on ...

    Brian in his position with CONCACAF should be able to help I would think.

    We also need help from Esse at FIFA ... for as long as he remains in that position. More help than we got in 2010 which through the rumor mill, was not a whole lot frankly.

    No question there is a bias in play, and it goes against the US referees.

    I would opine that once we can break through that wall ... and it is a wall ... it would be hard not to take the US seriously as a producer of quality international referees.