Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cute, but not helpful

Take a look here at Don Garber and Sunil Gulati's  recent comments (or complete duck) regarding the FIFA presidential elections.

While both in their own way clearly decided to stay away from the controversy, my question is, why? While Gulati does cite that "Chuck Blazer have got us represented ..." (sic), why not get on board with someone?

Besides, Chuck does not represent the US explicitly, he represents CONCACAF. Now I can see why Mr. Garber would take a pass as while he certainly has a dog in the fight, it proxies through Mr. Gulati.

I can't fathom why Gulati took a pass. He is there to lead ... so please lead Mr. president. Take a stand. Worse case is we get shunned from the football world if you back the wrong guy. Not sure how it can get too much worse ... but I would think we would be willing to get behind someone and take a risk.

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