Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No Snood Says FIFA

Matt Reis 26-MAR-2011 v. DC United
Check out the snood
Special thanks to Dr. Rice for sending some of these links along.

So back in February of this year, I opined about "snoods" and why FIFA may be banning them.

Well FIFA has come through and is officially banning the snood as reported here from ESPN on a litany of matters IFAB is currently tinkering with.

Apparently this topic is so emotional that Sepp has hearkened back to his days as a player stating that:
I was a player in both winter and summer weather and I never wore a snood.
He continues on to say that snoods can be dangerous, and are not "part of the equipment" for playing. I agree on both fronts there. Law 4 is very clear on that point, and snoods can create a genuine danger, and should be banned.

Sepp does continue saying "We must pay attention to the Laws of the Game." Well frankly, its not a law yet, and is one that will not be "on the books" as it were until July 1, 2011 when the new law changes are published and given effect internationally. However the timing is funny as a commentator from The Soccer Insiders put it:
By the way, as proof that Sepp likes to make meaningless gestures, the ban doesn't take effect until July 1st of 2011. Yeah, that's right. The middle of summer.
Not intentional, but certainly ironic.

I would be surprised if MLS does not take immediate action themselves and not allow such garments, even absent authorization, or possibly with permission, from FIFA.

While this is good in protecting players safety, what about banning neck chains and the like? These too send the wrong message to the youth players who weekend after weekend try to wear such articles and often cite "... but I saw (MLS player X) wearing that ... ."

While not realistic I know, I would love to see consistency like this for all levels of THE game.

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