Friday, June 24, 2011

Multiple guess ...

Okay guys and gals, while I am out on Ride the Rhode for MS over the weekend, what do we think from the video below, or here. Voting is on the right.

Here are the choices:

a. Do nothing
b. Caution Henry
c. Caution Moffat
d. Send off Henry
e. Send off Moffat
f. Caution both players
g. Caution Henry, Send off Moffat
h. Send off Henry, Caution Moffat (What the referee did)
i. Send off both players
j. Dismiss the AR


  1. I'm pretty shocked to see 5 votes for agreeing with the referee's decision. Now I didn't get to see the game in more context other than what the 2 minute video showed us but I just don't see how Henry gets sent off for violent conduct. From the commentary it sounded like the issue between the players was not escalating, so if the Ref and AR felt that they needed to gain control of the game or calm the two players down, from what I saw in that short video clip I would lean toward cautioning both players.

    Love to hear your thoughts PK?

  2. Thanks for the post Derek. I will provide an opinion when I get back from PA as this one has opened up a can of worms.

    Funny thing is that we had the EXACT same incident occur here at Regionals in a U-19 match on day 2.

    Yes folks, it can happen to us all.

    I will provide more in a day or so.


  3. Hey to hear your thoughts on this and what the results of the similar situation were at Regionals

  4. The last two shots to the back of the head that Henry gives earns him the send off. He starts off by seemingly ruffling the hair of his opponent. then a gentle slap. Then two more slaps that rock the head forward, in spite of the player resisting the hit.

    This is bullying - Henry is telling this guy that it ain't over and he's coming back for more. If he stops at the ruffle and smiles, he can get away with it.

    Given the USSF emphasis the last two years on contact above the shoulders I am not surprised at the send-off, and would do the same thing myself, especially in a youth game.

    I'd recommend watching these with the sound off, so you can form your own opinion. Besides, the announcers are tend to be histrionic and clueless.