Monday, July 18, 2011

USA Gets Gold in Women's World Cup

As most have seen at this point Japan bested the USA in the Women's World Cup Final, 3 kicks to 1 in kicks from the mark, to win the match 3::2.

One aspect that is not being widely reported is the success the USA referees had in the tournament. Based on the performance of Kari Seitz, Marlene Duffy, and Veronica Perez, it was clear they "ran the table" in Germany, and if it was not for the USA being in the final, may have indeed worked that match in lieu of the 3rd place match between Sweden and France (match report .pdf).

Photo courtesy usarefswwc2011

For an interesting and inside look at the tournament through their eyes, check out their blog here. It has some very interesting stuff, including the following video. Certainly worth a look to get a glimpse at the highest level in the world.

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