Saturday, September 24, 2011

Official Sports - HACKED!

In this age, information is king. Hacking is a daily occurrence and rarely a day goes by when I don't read about, or experience first hand, the result of such an attack. (Here is an example of very recent event.) In fact, a small part of my day job is to manage the performance of some ethical (or white hat) hacking to improve our own products.

As most no doubt are aware, Official Sports International has been a staple supplier to the referee community for some time now. They currently have relationships with US Soccer, USASA, and NISOA to name a few. For a period of time, they were also the uniform supplier to MLS referees. I can say my discriminating tastes have me wearing only OSI equipment whenever I can.

It is sad to say that OSI was a target of hacking, and as such, crippled the OSI site for some time. In fact, the eCommerse portion of the site is down, and will apparently remain down indefinitely while and investigation is being conducted.

I share this for a couple of reasons.

First is to share general goings on in the referee world. Also however is to get the word out to any who have not heard, as based on the info from the OSI site, not all who may have had data potentially compromised may have been notified electronically.

For me, OSI is treating this very seriously, and like their high quality products, is backing up their service with a discount and credit monitoring to affected customers. This is better service than most companies I have dealt with, even some of the very big ones.

Kudos to OSI for making good on a bad situation.

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