Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Baaaaaaack ...

... or maybe it never left.

Goal line technology has apparently had a busy week being put through its paces. FIFA spent part of last week looking at Hawk-Eye, already used in tennis and cricket. Up this week is Goalminder. Both are UK based companies.

What is interesting about these systems is they are both camera based. It would seem from the intel I have seen, and the direction FIFA seems to be going in, that the "sensor" based technologies are history, as from my sources who have used them, they are too flakey.

In the case of Goalminder you have cameras in both the goalposts and the goal line itself. It ain't cheap though as an install is in excess of $50,000 per goal.

While the systems are being tested in secret, it would sure seem that we are going to have goal line technology at least in a trial in the near future ... I hate to say.

Check out these articles that go into a little more detail about what our FIFA friends have been up to.

Fifa eyes football fans’ goal software from the Financial Times, and

Goal line technology back at top of the football agenda from the Football Trade Directory.

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