Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just like I planned

Photo courtesy of Velo News
So if you read yesterday (... they just fade away ...), you saw me offering a complaint without much else.

Well, as luck would have it, Velo News came through again with: McEwen outlines schedule in farewell season, to transition to ‘scout’ role.

Robbie McEwen is a pro rider since 1996 and rides currently for Team Radio Shack. Playing the role of a sprinter, he has dozens of palmares (wins) to his name, and significant racing experience to say the least.

He will be racing until May, then acting as a scout for Greenedge Cycling, riding the last several K of the TDF routes to scout things for the riders.

How cool is that?

Now imagine if US Soccer did something similar. Created a scouting program to work with the youth leagues to find that next FIFA referee. Not just hope they bubble up in some tournament, but a conscious effort with a group of scouts in each state to find these kids that will rise to the top.

FIFA wants 'em young to train. US Soccer needs 'em young to get experience and credibility. A national scouting program ... a bit more than we have now ... and with a little organization may find that next Angelo Bratsis, or Brian Hall.

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