Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Les Jeux Sont Faits for the (not so) "Super Committee"

Paul Levy wrote about the recent "super committee" mess in his recent post of Choice: Eat or throw tomatoes. He writes most eloquently what I state here gutturally, these folks are so bogged down in politics and self interest, they are useless in finding a solution. So much so their opportunity to actually do something has passed.

I have no use personally for such lack of action, or political grandstanding from them or POTUS in blaming one side, not leading and blaming both.

I was thinking though, what if referees who were trained to act as needed were put in such a situation. Can you imagine Congress filled with referees? Something certainly would get done ... and probably a number of cautions given along the way and likely an ejection or two. Who would go first I wonder??

Made me think of this commercial from NexTel, which is right on point:

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