Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another Day, another FIFA corruption probe

Joao Havelange, FIFA Pillar, Resigns From Olympic Commitee Amid Corruption Allegations

Joao Havelange, a president of international soccer’s governing body for 24 years, stepped down from the Olympics after serving there for nearly a half century.

The Associated Press reported the resignation Sunday, and it was confirmed on Monday to the AP by the International Olympic Committee and Fédération Internationale de Football Association, or FIFA. There are more reports herehere and here. ...

See the full story here, courtesy of the WSJ.

Kicking Back Comments: I'll be honest, I used to revere Dr. Havelange. He was the man in power when I was just discovering the international game and I saw him for the position he represented. I was so smitten with The Game at that time I probably would have forgiven him if he was guilty of something. Based on the story, it would sure seem that way. I'll be honest too that there is no place for corruption, but I have no need to see a 95 year old man dragged through the mud. He may deserve it for what he had done, but I am more reflective about the man's age. A double standard possibly as Sepp is no spring chicken to be sure and I have made my position clear that I have no use for the man in his official capacity.

However, Ricardo Teixeira is another matter completely. Leading the 2014 World Cup and alleged to be taking bribes ... hmmmm. Some have even said if the games go well he is a clear successor to Sepp after 2014. Well, like Sepp, I have no use for corruption in The Game, and if this investigation bears out that Teixeira was indeed taking bribes, I would think sane minds would automatically exclude him from the FIFA presidency, or for that matter continuing as the heads of 2014.

Then again I live in a state when things like this are a regular happenstance, and all is forgiven.

Interesting times indeed when integrity is a luxury and not a necessity.

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