Thursday, December 8, 2011

My dad made me do it

Wayne Rooney father’s arrest to be used in Football Association's plea for clemency over Euro 2012 ban

The Football Association is considering whether to inform a Uefa appeal panel on Friday that Wayne Rooney’s father was arrested on the day before the game in which he was sent off for kicking out at an opponent as it seeks to have his three-game ban reduced. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of The Telegraph.

Kicking Back Comments: Are you *beeping* me? This boarders on "my dog ate my homework!" 

Now, if the arrest was for something traumatic like a crime of violence, or something that could result in great harm for his dad, I think the lawyers who are preparing his case have a reasonable shot.

After all, and this is a good lesson, everybody takes baggage into the field with them. If they can deal with it and play (or referee) is the hallmark of a pro. We are fools to think that everyone leads such a charmed life that "real life" does not impact matches. There are a few fools from previous administrations of US Soccer and others, who have washed out referees thinking they knew better than the referees who were dealing with off the field issues.

That aside, what was Roo's dad pinched for? Betting on soccer matches. In fact he was only detained.
From the article:
... Rooney’s state of mind was affected by the arrest, on the eve of the match, of his father, Wayne Snr, by police investigating alleged betting irregularities in football matches.Rooney Snr was one of eight men detained on conspiracy to defraud and was later released on bail.
... and THAT should give Rooney a pass for kicking someone in the way he did? Please.

IMHO, if he really wants to be a leader, take the 3 matches and say "sorry." I also recognize that it is likely not his decision, and the FA "wheels of justice" are turning over Roo where he will sit and look good, and have a canned response crafted by FA lawyers when called on.

I do believe however that at the end of all of this the ban is going to get reduced. Why?


Any way you cut it Roo is a punk (for now), and a great player, and UEFA wants butts in the seats.

My question is, if a substitute did this (I won't even go down the referee route), would the FA send 4 lawyers to actively work the case, or just be quiet and let the lad hang for 3 (or more) matches?

Simple answer.

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