Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NEVER Touch A Youth Player

Don't believe me, ask Mike Milbury.

Milbury sought in Pee Wee altercation

Former Bruins player and coach Mike Milbury may face charges for allegedly grabbing and shaking a 12-year-old boy after a Pee Wee hockey game, according to Brookline police. The incident occurred Dec. 9 after an exhibition game between the Boston Jr. Blackhawks and the Boch Blazers at Jack Kirrane Ice Skating Rink in Larz Anderson Park. ...

See the whole article here, from the Boston Globe.

Kicking Back Comments: So let me begin by saying I am not  commenting on the case itself as it will bear itself out in the days ahead.

More relevant is the clear message that you can't put your hands on a youth player, regardless of your intent. Now, amateur and pro players are a different ball of wax, but the youth, don't do it. No matter how well intentioned, no matter how well natured, no matter what, don't do it.

It may be for all the right reasons such as to help a player up, to break up a fight, to attend to an injury. DON'T DO IT.

One time, you are going to run into a crazy parent who will, regardless of your intent, demonize you and press charges calling it a battery (you have to make contact for a battery, an assault is just putting someone in fear of being touched), just don't do it.

Keep in mind too, everyone has a smart phone, everyone has a camera, and will collect "evidence" that will be used against you, and your insurance company in a court if law, a tort action, or just to make you miserable. DON'T DO IT.

As sad as it makes me to say that, it continues to be clear that people are not looking at the big picture of one person trying to help another, but what "harm" has come to their child.

Save yourself the trouble, and don't touch a youth player, ever.

Need a video example ... take a look immediately below. Listen to the comments from the stands too.

On a side note with the case, the Brookline PD did not do themselves any favors in commenting. From the article:

"Brookline police captain Thomas Keaveney said that with four children that have played sports, it doesn’t surprise him to receive reports a former professional hockey player getting involved in an alleged assault.

“I’ve seen a lot of irresponsible things done by adults and Mike Milbury is no different in my mind,’’ said Keaveney."

Now if I am Milbury's lawyer I am bring this front and center about bias toward his client that the Brookline PD has. Now in his playing days he was no angel as you can see below where he beat up a fan with a shoe at MSG, but you know what, that is a long way from what he is being accused of, so please BPD and others of the same mindset, throttle back a bit and give the man his day.

BTW, great vintage hockey clip. Classic stuff.

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