Saturday, December 24, 2011

Well that was quick

FIFA's new governance committee under fire for lack of transparency and independence

Even before their first meeting, the newly appointed members of FIFA's Independent Governance Committte (IGC) have received an indication of the scrutiny their work will face. Committee members are being criticised for not being independent enough of FIFA, whilst organisations like Transparency International and Football Supports Europe have declined to join the committee. ...

See the whole article here from PlayTheGame.

Kicking Back Comments: My knee-jerk reaction was a yawn as I have come to expect this from FIFA.

On closer inspection however there are some interesting things from the article, like Sunil Guliti is a member of the IGC. Hmmmmm ... FIFA throwing the US a bone of some type, or just another useless committee?

Also, from the article:
"In another blog post, Pielke points to the problems it raises for the committee and its president Mark Pieth that is has not disclosed that FIFA paid Pieth an amount of $128,000 and more than $5,000 per day to produce an initial report for FIFA."

Wow ... it's good to be a FIFA lacky.

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