Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Northeast Regional Futsal Championships - Finals Today!!

Today was one of those times that goofing around in my backyard I found buried treasure.

It came in the form of the 2012 Regional Futsal Tournament going on in Brookline (MA) that was going on over the last couple of days. Similar to the outdoor Youth Regionals we all know, love, and have talked about here, this is the futsal equivalent, and the finals to see who is going to the National tournament held February 18 - 20 in Overland Park, KS. Check out the promo from US Youth Futsal below.

I was truly fascinated by the refereeing of the game as I had the pleasure to watch FIFA referees Shane Butler and Jason Krnac work a match first thing Sunday morning. Both have represented the US for CONCACAF appointments and Jason represented the US as a referee at the 2008 Futsal World Cup in Brasil.

I had the opportunity to speak at length with both referees and found them both to be tremendous referees as well as truly interesting people. I would not be surprised to see an interview here with one or both detailing their experience with The Game.

Jason Krnac at 2012 Northeast Regional Futsal Championships
It was a fantastic experience for me, so much so that I have begun a series of stories about futsal, how to become a referee (I think I am on the hook for that one now), some of the differences in how US Soccer administers these referees as compared to outdoor referees (this was fascinating to me), and what I belive are some distinct advantages to being both a futsal and outdoor referee.

So if you are in the Boston area, come on down to the Park School at 171 Goddard Avenue in Brookline, MA starting at 8:00 AM on the 16th, check out some great referees, great play, and catch the bug like I did today.

General and schedule information can be found here, on the Massachusetts Futsal Association site, or at Twitter @FutsalMA.

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