Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Goal Play!

Life has many lessons for those who look for them and are willing to accept what it has to offer. Soccer, being a subset of life also has many, many unique lessons to teach.

In his new book, Goal Play!, Paul Levy combines these two to, as he describes it on his blog Not Running A Hospital:

"This book draws on a series of anecdotes from "the pitch" and ties them into my theories of effective leadership. As in all such matters, I have benefited from the advice and experience of many others, and I am hoping that people who are in leadership positions -- or want to be -- can likewise benefit from my perspectives."

You can see the full introduction on his website here, and a complete description with online purchasing can be found here from CreateSpace, or here from Amazon, where I got mine.

Based on the reviews to date (every single one is a 5 star rating), it looks like an amazing book, and one that I will share a review with all here after I tear through it.


  1. My pleasure Paul!

    I have already started the book and it is fascinating!

    It comes at an interesting time as well when we are being significantly restructured, and I have already found some excellent wisdom to put into practice for the teams I work with.

    Will pen a full review when complete!