Saturday, March 24, 2012

10 Year Old Arrested ... Did they get the right person?

So as a follow up to the gruesome youth soccer event that took place in Hong Kong, "Yeah, they are 11 years old", we have a follow up courtesy of a couple of loyal readers. Special thanks to Dr. Rice and an International AR to be soon named.

Based on the article "Hong Kong 10-year-old arrested after violent youth soccer foul", it would seem the HK police have got their "man", but the question I have is, do they have the person to blame?

In my opinion that answer is no.

I base that not on American law where an infancy defense may be available (see here, or more generally the rule of 7's in both criminal and tort law), but on the more common sense notion that a 10 year old does not get these ideas sua sponte, or at least, not in isolation.

My question is, why isn't the ESF coach getting hauled in as well? To me, he is just as, if not more culpable, than the 10 year old boy he was coaching. Here's why.

Take a look at the whole clip starting about :36. Who commits the first (2) nasty fouls?

The #2 player for blue, yes?

Who commits the kick to the head? The #2 player for blue.

So lets say for argument sake that #2 blue was doing this stuff with intent and he was doing in of his own volition.

Why oh why didn't the coach pull him off after foul 1 ... how about 2? Both were nasty and should have stood out, right? After all the parents were so upset they came into the field to make it known how nasty these fouls were, right?

So either the coach was oblivious, like on Mars oblivious, or wanted it to go on.

I don't think he was oblivious. These players were skilled enough at a young enough age to make it clear to me there were trained well.

Still don't believe me? Take a look at 1:20 of the video with blue #3. He fouls and opponent, is not touched, and on the referee whistle, holds his eye like he was hit.

These kids are well coached ... I should say, professionally coached. There is nothing good about this coaching.

Based on the video evidence, these tackles were intentional, and I believe the ESF coach taught it, or at the very least, condoned it.

If he was truly concerned, the ESF coach should have pulled the offending players off, and sat them down until they calmed down.

In my opinion the ESF coach is the one who should be up in front of a magistrate. Instead the coward is letting a 10 year old boy take the rap.

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