Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tough Report, but Will FIFA Listen?

FIFA to get 'tough' report on corruption

The anti-corruption expert appointed by FIFA to advise on modernizing reforms and repairing its scandal-hit reputation promises a ''tough'' report to soccer's governing body.

Mark Pieth told the Associated Press that FIFA President Sepp Blatter's executive committee would be wise to accept ''most everything'' when the proposals are presented Friday. The Swiss law professor's 13-member panel includes soccer officials, sponsors and experts in clean government.

''It's going to be pretty tough. There are a few issues that will need heavy negotiation,'' Pieth said in an interview at his University of Basel office. ''If they are wise, they will pick up most everything that is put before them.'' ...

See the whole article here, courtesy of fox sports.com.

Kicking Back Comments: Here is another shining example if FIFA is paying attention to get a "get out of free" (almost) jail card. FIFA summarily rejected this previously from an outside source, but if they take it seriously this time, really seriously this time, they may be able to make some headway.

Even the interim report made sense for some things like, get outsiders, and, replace the old guard (to paraphrase).

This full report is due out on Friday and I hope they publish it as I look forward to see if FIFA is willing to "eat its own dog food."

Any bets?


  1. Wow. I can't imagine them publishing this. I'm sure it's real bad. FIFA needs checks and balances! Too much centralized power in their governing body. You can't give any human that much power.

  2. We shall see.

    It is my hope they do as transparency and admission as to what is wrong will be an excellent first step.