Monday, May 21, 2012

Joao Going Home

Former FIFA President Joao Havelange set to leave hospital next week

SAO PAULO — Doctors says former FIFA President Joao Havelange is expected to leave the hospital next week, more than two months after being admitted with a serious infection on his right ankle.

The Hospital Samaritano said Friday the 96-year-old Havelange improved significantly after leaving semi-intensive care last week and will be allowed to return home in a few days if his health doesn’t deteriorate. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of the Washington Post.

Kicking Back Comments: I am happy to see this, and I have to believe Joao is too. 

I did get a laugh though in the article in his leaving "semi-intensive case." What the heck is that? It made it sound like is was a "kind of" serious issue. I would think it was *serious* until it was not.

Ladies and gentlemen, demonstrating cunning logic like this is why I am an engineer and not a doctor.

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