Monday, June 4, 2012

Free FIFA Soccer?

‘FIFA Soccer’ Maker Enlists Facebook To Lure New Players: Tech

Forty years after Pong bounced across screens to kick off the modern video-game era, Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) is struggling to adapt to the shifting nature of play, as gamers abandon high-priced consoles for tablets and smartphones. Now, the company has a plan.

The video-game giant plans to unveil free versions of some its most popular games for its Play4Free website and other sites, including Facebook, at the annual E3 video game expo, which begins today in Los Angeles. The move is part of bid to lure customers, who may not own an Xbox or Playstation, to try best-selling games such as “FIFA Soccer” and “Battlefield,” according to Peter Moore, chief operating officer. ...

See the whole article here, courtesy of Bloomberg.

Kicking Back Comments: Interesting idea. Mr Moore is a smart, smart guy in this arena and I look forward to seeing what the result will be. Heck, anyone who is parodied on South Park has to have some mojo, right?

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