Saturday, June 23, 2012

Right on cue

Fifa chief expects goal-line technology approval in July

Warsaw: Fifa president Sepp Blatter revealed that he and Franz Beckenbauer are “on the same page” over goal-line technology after the two met in Zurich on Thursday.

The Swiss reiterated the need for technology to be introduced after Euro 2012 co-hosts Ukraine were denied a goal against England in their decisive Group D fixture on Tuesday, after television replays showed that the ball had crossed the line. ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of zeenews.

Kicking Back Comments: Like I said the other day, not a shocker given the recent events in the Euros. My question is ... will the technology even work?

Also of interest are some of the other matters Sepp & Co. are considering tinkering with. Interesting times as (IMHO) we see a swing away from the referee having the discretion and authority they once did.


  1. Pete, I read the article on Blatter & Technology. Also mentioned was the change to remove a red card if it results in a penalty. Wouldn't this (removing the Red Card price) increase the frequency of "taking the player out" since a penalty kick is not a certainty in a goal? (see England vs Italy Euro2012) and the perpetrator stays on the field (unless of course its SFP unless (sic) Blatter is including that law violation too, good grief)

  2. You are right on the money with that John.
    No good can come of it, and I expect none will.

    Thanks for reading,