Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where are all the men?

So as I catch up on some sports items while on vacation, I re-reflected on something I noticed while watching the Tour over the last few weeks ...

All the commercials for the Olympics were for either disabled athletes (who on their very worst day can grind me into the mud as they are really amazing), or women's soccer.


There are so many amazing athletes going over there to compete. As an example, and to stay on the cycling bent for just a second, look at Taylor Phinney who came in 4th at the men's road race. No one expected that. While it may be the worst finish in an Olympics generally, it is an outstanding result.

My point being I have watched basically 3 weeks of commercials for the US women's team, and not a single commercial to talk about the men ... any men in any sport (not just soccer) ... going to London. As an afterthought  ... what about Michael Phelps? Anyone??

Now I'm not going to go all sexist as some might, Or others would certainly if the shoe was on the other foot. I will just say that I'm not surprised that the media would play to the "darlings of the federation" in an effort to boost ratings.

That said MLS was featured front and center in many spots as well ... That is to say Becks and LD were.

I think I just have to get over the fact that media is there for themselves only, and it plays to that Ole United States mantra ...

America likes a winer.

To bad they don't appreciate sport too.

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