Friday, October 12, 2012

2 Balls + 1 Goal == Big Trouble

Special thanks to Erich and Angelo for this one!

Goal? No Goal? Something else?

Comment away!!


  1. WOW!

    Ok.. Goal. Easier to answer Why not a goal. The referee didn't see the extra ball in play behind him so he couldn't stop the play. Play continue and goal was scored. Isn't it the same as if a fight took place behind the referee far up the field and a goal was scored?
    Just incredible. Thank you for this. It something the a referee better know how to handle it like the palm of his hand or All hell will break out. Could anyway.
    Thank you for making us think

  2. Good comment Anon. Let's see what else we get.
    I may also post a couple of comments I received via email as well.

    Thanks for reading,

  3. Thankfully I have not personally, and have not seen this ever happen before. Yes it was a confusing sequence but I feel the outcome was just. The players directly involved in the attack and defense of the ball that was put into the net were not aware of the other ball (the CR is in this group as well). To me the play was not affected. What would happen if the defense created a turnover and started a counter-attack that resulted in a goal. Would the team in blue then cry two balls? Its bad that it happened but the law leaves stopping play to the CR's decision. Play until you hear a whistle then stop to worry about the decision to be made.