Monday, October 1, 2012

Let's Start Here

So you want to be an NFL referee? As the replacement officials showed, it's not easy

When those newly appreciated NFL officials return in force across the land today to save football, among them will be a high school principal, a retired firefighter, a retired dentist, an inventor, a dairy farm owner, more than a dozen lawyers and financial advisers, insurance executives and assorted captains of industry.

Faces obscured beneath their caps, homogenized in jailhouse stripes, forgive them if they need a quarter or two to adjust to newfound celebrity buzz. Reserve a drop of sympathy, too, if they lag trying to keep up with an NFL game, played at lurching speeds by bison-sized men. ...

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Kicking Back Comments: Take a look in particular at the 2nd half of this article and how it closes. It makes me wonder, is it about the game, or the man.

Can just someone who is very knowledgable about a game be a referee, or is it something more?

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