Wednesday, October 17, 2012

OH Canada!!

Well it took several months, but FIFA has finished its investigation into the nonsense that happened after the Women's Olympic Soccer Match where members of the Canadian National team assailed the referee (Pedersen) in the media after the match. Please do recall some of the incidents in the match, most notably the incident we discussed in 6 Second Mania.

In this case, Christine Sinclair has been handed a (4) match ban, and $3500 Swiss Franc fine. Odd thing however is that the CSA and FIFA have specifically said the punishment was not for he comments regarding the referee, but "another public incident after the match."

What the heck does that mean?

Well, no one knows, as no one is sharing. It would have made sense for the ban and fine for the comments to the referee, which she later admitted were in the heat of the moment, but for some other incident is a bit strange.

So go FIFA and how they choose to discipline individuals. While I'm glad they did something, it is far from clear why they did anything.

See "Sinclair suspension highlights FIFA's convoluted ways" from CBC Sports for an interesting take on the topic.

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