Tuesday, November 6, 2012

That flushing sound you just heard ...

... was $40M going down the drain for Thailand.

Fifa pulls plug on Futsal Arena

Fifa has decided not to use the Bangkok Futsal Arena (BFA) to host the 2012 Futsal World Cup competition, including the final match, due to safety concerns.

"Although further significant progress has been made, including the installation of a pitch, the key criteria laid out following the committee meeting on Oct 31 have not been sufficiently met," Fifa Futsal Committee said in a statement posted on the world football governing body's website yesterday.

"The safety of spectators, teams and all other visitors to the stadium are of paramount importance. Fifa and the local organising committee therefore concluded that such a fundamental issue, as well as the functionality of core services and facilities, cannot be compromised." ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of The Bangkok Post.

Kicking Back Comments: Substitute the word Thailand for Brazil, World Cup 2012 for World Cup 2014, futsal for football ... and what do we have?

A prediction on what will happen in Brail?

It will never happen ... but unless something changes, the situation will potentially exist based purely on the media reports.

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