Sunday, December 16, 2012

Every Paycheck is a Fortune

Referees must get greater respect from the Football Association and game in general before it is too late

The comment is slightly harsh, overlooking the work done by diligent staff in the FA’s refereeing department, but it reflects the dark mood of some referees.

Not a naturally militant breed, some of the elite Professional Game Match Officials group of referees sound frustrated.

“We get £75,000 a year,’’ said one referee. “It seems good money but is it worth the grief? Some of us are only doing it for the mortgage.” ...

See the whole story here, from The Telegraph.

Kicking Back Comments: So 75K sterling pounds is equal to about $121K USD. That is a pretty good wage all things considered as the average in the US is just over $46K.

Does anyone know what MLS referees are being offered currently? Well it's about $27K per year for a (2) year contract, that does not include the match fees themselves.

That's pathetic.

So if we think $121K per year is worth a load of crap, how about $27K?

Not so much.

Folks complain about referees, often ... but does anyone actually realize just how pathetic their pay is?

It should be clear that these guys are NOT in it for the money, but rather the chance to work at the highest level of The Game, domestically.

I can't logically think of any other reason why they would.

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