Saturday, December 22, 2012

FIFA and Facebook, a costly combination

FIFA suspends agent over Facebook insults

ZURICH (AP) -FIFA has suspended a players' agent for two months for making insulting comments on his Facebook page.

FIFA says the case of Brazilian agent Paulo Teixeira is the governing body's first disciplinary action in which "a member of the football family has been suspended/fined for using social media.'' ...

See the whole story here, courtesy of SI.

Kicking Back Comments: I facilitated a group discussion earlier in the month regarding professionalism, and dedicated a slide to social media being so dangerous as generally, there is nothing stopping anyone from saying anything about anyone.

I have to admit though, even this one surprises me to a degree.

One thing to be aware of is that an individual may be bound by an agreement that would prohibit communicating certain opinions, or for that matter facts about a situation. This particular agent may be in such a situation. Keep in mind too that while the 1st Amendment to COTUS allows me to freely shoot my mouth off, that protection does not exist outside the United States, or to be more specific, such protection is based on sovereign law of the land the author is communicating.

Believe me, even with these rights afforded to United States citizens, you can still get in hot water, or just get challenged for your speech as I have encountered personally from a variety of thin skinned folks since beginning Kicking Back.

To those who may be insulted by my musings ... please relax, read the legal stuff page, and recognize it is just an opinion folks.

SEPP .... DID YOU HEAR THAT ????!???

Ah well, no distinguished service award from FIFA for me ....

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