Monday, January 7, 2013

The Fans Giveth, and The Fans Taketh Away

NHL fans react to tentative labor agreement

Fans have felt the brunt of NHL labor feuding with a canceled season in 2004-05 and 113 days of a lockout this season.

Fans came back in droves in 2005-06, but there is worry about a backlash after a tentative agreement has been reached.

"After the last lockout, the NHL had painted on both blue lines, 'Thank you fans,"" Philadelphia Flyers fan Lisa D'Angelo said by email. "What are they going to paint this time: 'Thank you fans again.'" ...

See the whole article here, courtesy of USA Today.

Kicking Back Comments: At the end of the day for any profession, it is the customers (i.e. the fans in this case) who make or break a league.

To dive into that just a bit, what responsibility, if any (generally), do we think referees have in this?

If you answer was "none", reconsider, if you want to work at the professional and international levels.

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